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The Recycling Association of NC (RANC) serves as the state-wide nonprofit trade association for those involved in the metals recycling industry in North Carolina.  The association, which features both public and private businesses, includes scrap recyclers, equipment vendors, and service providers.  RANC aims to provide a means of communication between the association  and all other groups interested in or affected by the metals recycling industry.  In addition, RANC hopes to promote closer cooperation, goodwill, and friendly interaction between its members. 

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A Closer Look: Mike's Auto Salvage

by Donna Currie - American Recycler News, Inc.

When Mike Flynn got married in October, 1984, he was working for a large industrial shipping company. He’d started working there while he was in college, handling packages and loading trucks, and had worked his way up to a suit-and-tie management job.

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 September 2020 

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The Impact of the Recycling Industry

A short video that provides an overview of the powerful economic and environmental benefits of the $87 billion recycling industry, including how this 200 year old industry fuels the economy, expands global trade, and ensures sustainability.

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