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Senate Passes Converter Theft Bill Supported by RANC

March 30, 2023

Senate Passes Converter Theft Bill Supported by RANC

The North Carolina Senate today by a 45 to 0 margin passed a bill (S 267) that will strengthen state law against those illegally advertising and soliciting the sale of catalytic converters.    RANC supported the bill and offered a number of ideas that were incorporated into the bill by Senator Tom McInnis (R-Moore), the primary sponsor.     RANC also worked closely with bills in 2021 and 2022 to fight converter theft.

Key provisions of S 267 include:

  • Prohibiting anyone other than a secondary metals recycler from soliciting or advertising the sale or purchase of a used catalytic converter not attached to a vehicle,
  • Increasing the penalty for illegal soliciting or advertising to a Class I felony plus a $1,000 fine and making any such sale or purchase a separate offense,
  • Making converters illegally sold, purchased, advertised, or solicited contraband and subject to seizure and forfeiture, and
  • Permitting a judge to order restitution to a secondary metals recycler or property owner if they were damaged by the illegal advertising or soliciting.

The bill will next be considered by the House.

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