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Governor Signs Catalytic Converter Bill Supported by RANC

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Governor Signs Catalytic Converter Bill Supported by RANC

Governor Roy Cooper this week signed a bill (S 99) into law that addresses the theft of detached catalytic converters.   RANC worked closely on S 99 with the bill’s chief sponsor—Senator Tom McInnis of Richmond County—and appreciates his incorporating a number of RANC’s suggestions into the bill.    Legislators passed the bill in both houses by an unanimous vote.

S 99 strengthens current law by toughening penalties for those who illegally sell catalytic converters, clarifies who can legally possess a converter, and writes into law that only a secondary metal recycler can legally buy a detached used catalytic converter.   The bill is similar to other such laws enacted this year, including in Tennessee and South Carolina.    It is effective December 1, 2021.

Here is a link to this new law—

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