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Verizon Wireless Theft Issues & Reward Offered

Verizon Wireless, as well as other cellular carriers, have been experiencing thefts of copper “grounding bars” throughout the United States. These copper bars are installed at cellular tower locations and used to prevent electrical damage to towers in the event of a lightning storm, which would result in carrier service disruption and damage to various carriers’ infrastructure during times when a communications network is vital (i.e. national emergency or disaster). These copper bars maintain a current street value of approximately $30 - $40 a bar. Although Verizon Wireless property is electronically monitored and alarmed, unknown individuals have placed themselves in danger and stolen copper “grounding bars” from cellular tower sites. A standard grounding bar is 24” X 4” X 14”. Bars may be mounted on the side of the tower structure or on the cell site’s building.

If you have information regarding these thefts, contact Verizon Wireless Corporate Security at 908-581-4772. A reward of up to $1000 is available for information leading to the arrest and conviction of individuals responsible for these thefts.** (**Verizon Wireless employees and contractors are not eligible.)

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