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Updates from the NC General Assembly and Governor’s Office 5-27-22


Brooks Pierce Capital Dispatch: Updates from the NC General Assembly and Governor’s Office

May 27, 2022

Legislators began considering bills this week as the summer session moved into its second week.

Senate Health Care Bill

Republican Senate leaders unveiled a health care bill (H 149) this week that includes expanding Medicaid insurance coverage, which is a long-time priority of Gov. Roy Cooper.

The bill would do a number of things including:

The bill cleared two Senate committees this week—Health Care and Finance. It will next be heard in the Senate Rules Committee. Senate leaders have indicated they intend to pass the bill through their chamber. In recent interviews, House Speaker Tim Moore has indicated that his chamber may not consider the bill during this summer’s session.

State Budget Bill

Legislators continue to work on a budget bill for FY 23, which begins July 1. It would alter the two-year budget (S.L. 2021-180) enacted in Nov. 2021, which covered both FYs 22 and 23. It appears the bill will surface as a conference committee report that has been agreed to in advance by the two chambers and cannot be amended.

Farm Bill/Regulatory Reform Bill

Two bills that surface annually started moving this week. One is the 2022 Farm Act (S 762), which amends a number of laws related to agriculture. The other is a Regulatory Reform bill (H 911) that amends various laws related to state agency regulations. Both bills passed two committees this week and will next be heard in the Senate Rules Committee, which is the last stop prior to going to the Senate floor.

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